Moving animated cartoon smiling eyes with finger pointing down POINTS TO REMEMBER BACK


  • All KAs & TPVs should check KA portal on daily basis

(KA portal link :


  • All KAs & TPVs to check for bills on KA portal by 5th of every month


  • All KAs & TPVs to raise their bills by 9th of every month


  • Any change in contact details such as address, email ID, cell nos., Tel nos. etc. should be intimated to us immediately on


  • All KAs & TPVs to reset old passwords (login & billing password) after every 45 days.


  • All KAs & TPVs to make note of previous passwords (login password & billing password) while resetting fresh password


  • All KAs & TPVs need to understand that when we upload TDS forms for the Assessment year then the TDS Forms are actually for the previous year. For example- TDS Form for assessment year 2013-2014 for Q1 will be for the year 2012-2013 for Q1.


  • All KAs & TPVs to ensure sending us scanned copy of cancelled cheque of your existing bank account.


  • KAs who do not have a PAN card should apply for it immediately. PAN card number should be conveyed to us on


  • TPVs (Partnership Companies) who have not given us their PAN card numbers till date, should mail a scanned copy of COMPANY PAN CARD on


  • KAs & TPVs who have not sent us a scanned copy of PAN card should mail it to us immediately on


  • It is mandatory for KAs & TPVs to undergo physical / online audit conducted by the respective Outsourcing Mentor. Please co-operate with us.


  • This is to inform you all KAs and TPVs who has raised there bills can check your bill status in PAYMENT STATUS OF TRANSFER TO BANK